Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Film Combination Fails to Cure Insomnia: Scientists Puzzled

Mr. Pendarvis's "blog"tigue has been grossly exacerbated by bouts of insomnia. We all hope and pray he will return to "blogging" soon, but it does not appear likely. Last night he tried to cure his insomnia by his old method of flipping with alarming rapidity back and forth between a couple of movies on the "cable," until they seemed to blend into one. Unfortunately, the combo he hit upon turned out to be the opposite of an insomnia cure. In fact, Mr. Pendarvis may never sleep again, say physicians who have studied the case. The films in question were the Jennifer Aniston-Kevin Costner smoochfest RUMOR HAS IT and the Mel Gibson picture THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. While the scientific evidence is not in, we at the "blog" strongly recommend NOT flipping back and forth between these two particular films if you expect to get anything resembling sleep. Ever.