Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Idiot

Hey, I finished reading THE IDIOT last night! I know, who cares? But when you start "blogging," there are certain requirements. Like, remember when I mentioned that I read MADAME BOVARY shortly before THE IDIOT? Now I have to tell you, by "blogging" law, that in the last section of THE IDIOT, the part I read last night, the title character becomes momentarily fascinated by MADAME BOVARY. I know! It really makes you think and ponder! I was so terrified and moved by the ending of THE IDIOT that I couldn't sleep, so I jumped right in to the next book on the stack: NOTABLE AMERICAN WOMEN by Ben Marcus. Like you care! But it's just the kind of writing I like, based on the first 25 pages or so, which are all I have read so far. Does this knowledge help you in your daily life? Probably not! But if you want to know what kind of writing I usually like, read the first 25 pages of NOTABLE AMERICAN WOMEN by Ben Marcus and then your troubled mind will be at ease!