Friday, January 12, 2007

Son of Travel Tips

After a lengthy hiatus, the "travel tips" feature of our "blog" is back in business. Agent "M." reports via postcard from Maui that she has discovered the Hawaiian equivalent of Uncle Mort's! That's right, a little touch of Jasper, Alabama, in the heart of the islands. What more could anyone want? "M." recommends breakfasting upon pancakes with Bananas Foster, bacon on the side, fresh pineapple, and a pot of hot Kona coffee. The place is called the Kula Lodge, and it sits near the entrance to Haleaka National Park, at the foot of the 10,000 ft. volcano of the same name. "M.'s" traveling companion, a noted farmer, wept throughout the entire meal. But he was not sad! Nor was he weeping with happiness at the panoramic view of the island. No, the culprit was a microscopic piece of volcanic sand which had flown into his eye whilst he peered innocently into the magnificent crater of Haleaka! A doctor had to use a microscope to find and remove the literally microscopic particle! That's today's travel tip: When you're traveling this great nation of ours, watch out for microscopic sand coming out of a volcano! You'll be glad you did.