Monday, January 08, 2007

Is Paris "Blogging"?

Ha ha! That title is a takeoff on the title of something I can't quite remember. Hilarious! Hello, folks, yes, it's me, Jack Pendarvis, back and ready to "blog" as you can tell from my insouciant writing style. I'm quite "tickled" to report that no less than Mr. Tom Bissell (pictured) has hinted that he will soon be able to provide a "Dispatch from Paris" exclusive to the "blog"! Things are looking up, folks. The long national "blog"mare is over. In other "blogging"-related news, Jeff McNeil has absolutely perfected his system for winning at craps. Details, for obvious reasons, will not be forthcoming, but the "blog" salutes you, Mr. McNeil! And we look forward to the next McNeil's Movie Korner.