Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gigantic Picture of Morey Amsterdam Invisible to Some

What you are supposed to see when you "click" on my "link" here is a gigantic picture of Morey Amsterdam illustrating the latest edition of McNeil's Movie Korner. Who wouldn't want to see that? But some people particularly want to see it. I am referring to the irate legions of Morey Amsterdam fans who have called in to alert me that not every "computing" device is allowing people to see that gigantic picture of Morey Amsterdam so considerately supplied for the intended entertainment of all. I will try, with this "post," to provide a more modest, if sadly inferior, picture of Mr. Amsterdam, and I hope that everyone's "computer" can see it, not just the fancy "computers" of rich people. For those who cannot see the original photo, I will try to describe it as best I can: Mr. Amsterdam, presented in lifelike color, is gesturing comically while forming an equally comical, though somewhat threatening, moue.