Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Blog" Celebrates 300th "Post"

A strenuous manual count has confirmed that "Molasses!" (never to be read without first consulting this warning label) is our 300th "post." Where has the time gone? We look back with tenderness on our green youth as exemplified by our 100th "post," and with some chagrin at the jaded charlatans we had become by our 200th. But what marvelous times we've had together overall, whimsically speculating on the subject of sugar cubes and so on! And who but the sternest amongst us could resist shedding a happy tear when I dressed up like The Shadow, or the time I bought a calendar with bats on it? Recent "posts" have been remarkable, too, for their savvy fashion advice on such saucy matters as belts, pants, and even that old classic the common house slipper. Nor did we shy away from going in-depth, as in our remarkable award-winning series on the word "dag," not to mention the hard-hitting investigation into the supposed closing of Uncle Mort's. Perhaps most significantly, we saw the face of "blogging" change forever. What a long, strange trip it's been is a phrase I just made up to describe what I'm talking about. Wow! That's deep.