Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Blog" Celebrates 500th "Post"

It is with great pride that we recognize "What's Next For Forky?" as our "blog's" 500th "post." It seems like only 100 "posts" ago that we were celebrating our 400th "post." Why, we've discussed everything from super-apes to spider plants... though not, curiously, spider monkeys (pictured), which are a genetic hybrid, as we understand it, of super-apes and spider plants. We honestly couldn't have reached 500 "posts" without the tireless labor of our many correspondents, who trustingly send in emails that I then "cut-and-paste" for the entertainment of the world, grabbing all the credit and glory for myself. But these are the true heroes of the "blog," the men and women without whose willingness to do all the work we would not be celebrating our 500th "post" today. There's Jon Host and his legendary burger problem... Pia Z. Ehrhardt, with a tenderer burger reminiscence... Jim Whorton, known to children everywhere as the "C-Span Man"... and who can forget the windswept Amanda Stern? Yes, whether it's Agent "M." eating breakfast in Hawaii, Tom Bissell playing video games in Rome, Jeff McNeil "surfing" the "internet" for "Orgy at Madame Dracula's," or Tom Franklin simply sitting in the dark somewhere, having secret thoughts about Plastic Man, one thing is for sure... I have abused their kindness miserably. Oh, I have stolen from so many! Far too many to list here. Because I tire easily. But if someone wants to send me a list, I shall gladly "cut-and-paste" it.