Saturday, March 24, 2007

Young Man in a Derby

Oh, this may be of no interest: As I was eating my submarine sandwich yesterday, there was, seated across the aisle from me, a young white male, a teenager I believe, sporting a walking stick and derby. Two young female friends of his were seated on the other side of his booth. Also, the young man was wearing makeup of the kind that I believe is called "clownwhite." His lips seemed to be painted with lipstick. His eyeliner was heavy. I do not believe that A CLOCKWORK ORANGE was his primary inspiration, though that was my first thought. He had, for example, no fake eyelashes. I overheard one snippet of conversation, from one of the young man's friends to him: "Grandma says you look like a black cat, which is weird, because your face is white." Now this is the kind of thing I might try to work into a short story, if I weren't so busy with my "blogging."