Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Introducing Dr. "M."

An anonymous troublemaker has slipped the accompanying photo over the Pendarvis Building transom, along with a note comprised of letters clipped out of various magazines. This cowardly person, who doesn't even have the guts to sign his name, claims that the woman on the right is in fact our undercover operative Agent "M." According to the "tipster," Agent "M." is shown here turning in her dissertation. We have been able to ascertain a few facts. It is true that Agent "M." turned in her final, approved dissertation today, and that she has officially earned the much more sinister sounding name "Dr. 'M.'," by which she will be referred to henceforth. We were also able to confirm that the woman on the left is Queen Watson, who works, we believe, for Emory University. We do take great exception to this feeble attempt to compromise the identity of our agent in the field, but we wanted to "put it out there" before the tabloids get hold of the story and blow it out of proportion. Also, we wish to congratulate Dr. "M." on her impressive achievement. If reports are correct, she plans to spend most of her time now watching DANCING WITH THE STARS on abc.com. We salute her in this new endeavor, and hope that she will file many, many reports on the subject.