Friday, March 16, 2007


I was sad not to be in Austin today. But by a happy coincidence, the movie came in the mail... yes, a DVD of the short film based on a story from my book (the reason for my planned and thwarted trip to Austin). I'm happy to say everyone did a great job! The actors perfectly captured the characters and the director really understood the essence of the story. When he made cuts, I didn't miss those parts at all! I mean, I would have missed them on the page, but you don't miss them on the screen. And on the occasions when the actors sort of naturalized my stylized dialogue, once again, it made perfect sense. It WORKED! Everyone was thinking and making the movie as good as it could possibly be. I was happy with the whole thing, every scene! As I get details on how you, the "blog" reading public, can see the whole movie, I'll let you know. It was GREAT! Hey, remember when Stephen King got sad because Stanley Kubrick sneaked around and made a movie of one of his books? And then Stephen King was like, "I'll show you! I'll make my OWN movie, and I'll get the guy from WINGS! And I'll have a cameo as a ghoulish bandleader who suddenly spins around!" Well, I'm not going to do that. (Pictured, Stephen King as the ghoulish bandleader who suddenly spins around.)