Thursday, March 29, 2007

Important Parablendeum Bulletin

So yesterday I ran across my copy of THE STORIES OF JOHN CHEEVER and decided to read the one that Jim Whorton had been raving about. Afterward, I agreed with Whorton's assessment, yet differed with him on the subject of parablendeum. Whereas Whorton described it as (I'm paraphrasing) "something bread sacks were made of," it seemed to me from the story that it would be a bad idea to wrap bread in parablendeum. The narrator has a surreal dream in which bread is wrapped in parablendeum but upon wakening he seems to consider it a load of nonsense. So of course I got up this morning and did the "google" on it. Here I found a "link" explaining that John Cheever made up the word parablendeum, and indeed the entire parablendeum industry! This seems to be supported by the fact that there are only eight "google" matches for parablendeum, each dealing with the Cheever story. Well, Mr. Cheever, you sure had us going, you old rascal. Parablendeum!