Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Whorton Report on Canadian Donut Holes

How long ago we have been sidetracked from the one purpose of this "blog": to foster a productive discussion of donuts and donut-related treats. Leave it to novelist James Whorton, Jr., who first brought the fry cakes of upstate New York to our attention, to get us back on track, with the following report on his family's recent trip to Canada: "We bought some lucky bamboo and a light fixture, and I ate some Canadian nachos. Not so good, but I also had some donut holes at Tim Horton’s, which if you don’t know it is a Canadian fast food chain. They call them 'Timbits' instead of donut holes, which bothers me a little—this impulse to rename things after oneself that already have names of their own! But the 'Old Fashioned Plain Timbits' were delicious." Thanks for the tip, Jim! Did you happen to notice that "Tim Horton" rhymes with "Jim Whorton"? Felicitous!