Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Everything is shaping up for some kind of crazy book tour in June. That's when my second story collection is coming out! I know it's early... but I also know that people who read books tend to be hermits and angry recluses and need about three months to work themselves up to a mental state in which they can leave the apartment. So here's an early heads up! A Cappella Books, right here in my own neighborhood, on June 2! Rock Point Books in Chattanooga on June 8! In the middle of June, there's the Happy Ending Reading Series, as I've mentioned before, and a New York City store appearance as well (details later). On the 22nd, I'll be at Skylight Books, in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. This is a bookstore I fell in love with on my recent visit to Hollywood! I bought several things there, including VERNACULAR DRAWINGS by the Canadian cartoonist known only as "Seth." They also sell books by the FC2 publishing company! I bought an FC2 book by Michael Martone. Also, A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES by Robert Coover, and LADY INTO FOX, a novel from the 1920s (I think) in which a lady turns into a fox! That will give you an idea of what a great bookstore Skylight Books is. And I know I'm forgetting some of the other stuff I picked up. At the end of June, Pia Z. Ehrhardt and I embark on a tour of Mississippi, going to three of the best independent bookstores in the nation... Lemuria in Jackson, Turnrow in Greenwood, and Square Books in Oxford. We're going to drive around like Thelma and Louise, except without any of the bad stuff, I hope, and also I'm a man. (Illustrating this "post," one of the "vernacular drawings" I picked up at Skylight.)