Friday, March 09, 2007


Insomnia strikes deep in the heartland! A pleasant side effect: I got to watch a late showing of the Mike Leigh film TOPSY-TURVY on the Sundance channel. That movie has layers, people! Layers! Also, the guy who plays Arthur Sullivan uses a cigarette holder in numerous scenes. It's strange about these men-with-cigarette-holders sightings. I'll go a month without one and then there's a deluge. The man who plays the comic singer (and writer) George Grossmith in TOPSY-TURVY uses a cigarette holder as well, during a scene in which he consumes some bad oysters. For anyone interested in why I started counting men with cigarette holders: I don't know. But "click" here for an early example of the phenomenon. Oh, how innocent and amusing it all seemed then, before it ran our very lives! (Pictured, the real George Grossmith, smoking a cigarette sans holder.)