Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big News For "Blog" Buddy

"Blog" Buddy Ace Atkins has been tapped by the family of the late Robert B. Parker to write more novels about Spenser, Parker's iconic private eye. So that's great news. Congratulations, Ace! They couldn't have made a better choice. (That Spenser "link" was for the three of you who will "get it.") In lesser Ace Atkins news, I read about Lindsay Wagner's out-of-body experience in that free book he gave me the other day. "It was at a time when she was working on her BIONIC WOMAN TV series and was physically exhausted. Resting on a sofa, she floated up above her body and, in her own words, 'felt a strange sense of isolation... I thought the experience lasted a matter of seconds,' she says. In fact she was awakened by a worried friend... She had been there prone for two days! In different circumstances, as we have already seen, somebody might have decided that Lindsay Wagner had been abducted by a UFO." For you index fans, BEYOND EXPLANATION? does have one, but it's pretty shoddy! There's an entry for BIONIC WOMAN but no entry for Lindsay Wagner!