Friday, April 29, 2011

I'll Be Square With You

I was over at Square Books today and Lyn was on the "internet," reading about how John Waters has a recommendation shelf at the Strand bookstore in New York City. So she asked me if I would do one for Square Books, which makes me the John Waters of Oxford, except without the cool moustache and clothes and figure and reputation and talent and career. So I ran around the store and grabbed some things. Maybe this "link" will make them larger for your enjoyment. They include WUTHERING HEIGHTS and Clarice Lispector and Shirley Jackson and so on. Buy them all now so I can replenish with other exciting items! PS to the government: I get no kickbacks for this! I just like to read. PPS: I know that "mustache" is supposedly the "preferred" spelling, but I hate it for some reason.