Friday, April 29, 2011

Michael Kupperman Presents Life Before Twitter

Michael Kupperman calls this photo "Life Before Twitter." Speaking of owls, did you know the book BEYOND EXPLANATION? REMARKABLE ACCOUNTS ABOUT CELEBRITIES WHO HAVE WITNESSED THE SUPERNATURAL! has owls in it? According to the book, some British people were making a TV movie about "a fairy woman formed out of flowers... After tragedy and murder, the fairy woman is turned into an owl." They don't make TV movies like that anymore! But that's not the BEYOND EXPLANATION? part. "The making of the serial for TV was littered with owl situations. Every time fate took the crew to a particular location, something involving an owl would turn up there - a hidden door knocker, an ornament banging shutters at midnight, or a live owl..." Wow! Door knockers. Eerie. I am changing my theory from "all great books have owls in them" to "all books have owls in them." PS Follow Michael Kupperman on twitter! PPS "littered with owl situations" is not the most felicitous phrase I have run across.