Saturday, April 16, 2011


This morning as Dr. Theresa and I were walking through the square on our way to Big Bad Breakfast, we met a person dressed in an immaculate white rabbit costume. The rabbit did not seem to be affiliated with any particular place of business; it was just roaming around like that freelance Santa my friend Abby and I ran away from in the square one time (as I recall, there was another menace carrying a set of bongos around that day). Anyhow, as we passed the rabbit, he or she initiated what Fox News used to call a "terrorist fist jab." I most happily participated in the friendly contact offered by the rabbit at that juncture. On our way back from breakfast we met the rabbit again, once more on an otherwise empty sidewalk, and I got myself prepared for another "terrorist fist jab," even making a tentative gesture in that direction, but the rabbit ignored me.