Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rocks in His Pockets

Graduate class was all right today! My friend from Hubcap City came to town JUST to perform his live score to UN CHIEN ANDALOU for the students. That's a long trip! We put black plastic on the windows to block out the light. There was still a little light. At the end of the movie, as my friend's last chord echoed, a cloud passed over the sun and the room became even darker. It was magical! Then it was off to City Grocery Bar, where he told the class about the circumstances surrounding the making of the movie. Bunuel attended the premiere with rocks in his pockets to throw at the audience in case their outrage was overwhelming. But the audience loved it! And you have to imagine that Bunuel felt pretty disappointed sitting there with rocks in his pockets and no one to throw them at. John T. Edge happened to walk in. John T. was a huge fan of my friend's old band with Kelly Hogan, so a jolly meeting occurred. I believe some talk was bandied about on the subject of getting my friend back here for the Southern Foodways Symposium, and all he has to do is write an opera. This is hearsay! Don't take it from me. But I hope my eavesdropping was not entirely delusional. Later, when we were walking around the square, some hidden person shouted my friend's name from a portico! Turned out to be another fan from another life, surprised to spot him. Dr. Theresa was so glad to have our friend in town (he was in our wedding, you know) that she let me have a chicken-fried steak at Ajax, and she had one herself. Yes indeed. Chicken-fried steaks for everybody, I say! Everything was all right.