Saturday, April 30, 2011


Dr. Theresa and I walked down to the square this morning and who should be playing music but the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band, who gave such a memorable, driving force to the opening sequence of GANGS OF NEW YORK. That's something to hear when you walk out of your house! The annual music festival is going on. Joe York is down there raising money to help people who endured the recent devastating weather in his home state and mine, Alabama (and elsewhere across the south). This is true: When the Red Cross saw what a nice spot Joe had staked out, they said, "Hey, maybe we could team up!" and Joe said, "Of course." So if you live nearby and haven't been down yet, Joe is right in front of the courthouse and so is the Red Cross. Go drop in a few dollars! He'll be there all day. And you'll get to talk to Joe, which is a bonus for your money. If you're hungry, the good folks of Taylor Grocery are down there frying up fresh catfish and churning homemade ice cream. What else do you want? There is plenty more. But stop and see Joe first and do what you can.