Monday, December 14, 2009

How Hogan Got Her Stang Back

In this exciting true story, Kelly Hogan borrowed a copy of THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM from the library but it "fell under some laundry" and she forgot she had it. Then she got a note from library saying that the DVD was due back the next day. She found it and watched it, and was "bummed that there were no who-played-who credits at the end of the movie, as I wanted particularly to see who played Sparrow." Readers, she discovered that the man was none other than Arnold Stang, and thus enlightened, she "clicked" on a "Google Image" result to find out more about said Arnold Stang. Hold onto your hats, because that image led her here, to this very "blog"! Yes, my friends, the "blog" is becoming the world's great repository of Stang. Hogan, as she concluded in her message, had indeed been "Stanged."