Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Reasonable Vacation

Kelly Hogan must have a lot of time on her hands these days! She sent a great "link" for you. I will quote the writer of the "link," who explains it very clearly: "In Aug. 2004, the Mrs. and I headed up to Nashville for a little fun and relaxation and while there we decided to do a little exploring to see if we could find the location used by Porter Wagoner for the brilliantly twisted cover photo of his 1966 RCA album The Cold Hard Facts of Life. Having been fascinated with the album cover for well over a decade, this seemed to me like a reasonable way to spend a little vacation time." To read the entire story, keep clicking "NEXT PORTER WAGONER PAGE" at the bottom of each page. The final page is somewhat bawdy, and really a coda, so if you dislike bawdiness, you can skip it without losing any of the story. I am tempted to use a new, non-random illustration (the likes of which I am trying to ban from the "blog" for environmental reasons), especially one of the "brilliantly twisted cover photo" in question, but why not be surprised and delighted when you "click" instead? Hey, look, it turned out to be an album cover anyway. Goodbye.