Sunday, December 20, 2009

Barry B.'s Movie Korner

The intervals between new editions of McNeil's Movie Korner seem to be getting longer and longer. While we're waiting, here's a review hot off the wire from Barry B.: "I just watched Tommy. Have you seen that in a while? It's really a very strange movie. Everybody really overacts or underacts. They're all pretty great but it's just bizarre. Roger Daltry looks all wooden and glassy eyed (even when he's supposed to be normal). Eric Clapton looks like he's about to go to sleep. Oliver Reed is all sleazy looking and great but his singing is pretty awful. Keith Moon is really funny and out of control. Nothing he's ever doing seems to sync up to whatever music is playing. I think he should have been in Monty Python. The editing is pretty weird and choppy. At one point some violence is breaking out between a couple of motorcycle gangs and Tommy hang glides down and everybody starts flapping their arms like chickens, then some rockabilly looking guys are playing slot machines and Tommy hang glides down and they start dancing real crazy."