Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm a Sad Piker

I got my Jughead hat information from a "web" site called "I'm Learning to Share!" (Exclamation point theirs for a change.) Folks, this "web" site makes me sick - with envy, that is! Everything I have "blogged" about, this person has "blogged" about, and better. Yes, "I'm Learning to Share" even goes down cultural paths I never dared imagine. Take the "post" called "Not enough people are talking about Judy Canova." Judy Canova! Judy Canova? It has everything you might want to know about Judy Canova, including a "link" to a record of hers called "Bananas Ain't Got No Bonies" (!) and a photograph of her with Captain Marvel (pictured). I hate to admit I had no idea who Judy Canova was. Her name was vaguely familiar. And she has a kind of Martha Raye thing going on. But don't take it from me. I use the Judy Canova "post" merely as a jumping off point. Dig down for yourself and see what you find. Everything, probably.