Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Advent Calendar That Never Was

To find out about a whistling orangutan, "click" here. The NBIL (we've decided we can call him the NBIL at least until March), knowing of my affection for monkeys and apes and so on, sent me footage of the orangutan who has taught herself to whistle, and I wanted to make it today's advent calendar entry... but she's behind bars, which makes it too depressing, all the more when it sneaks up on you in that exciting patented advent calendar way. Although I'm sure she's well taken care of, especially now that she has taught herself to whistle! Right? Right? There's always something going on behind the scenes here at Advent Calendar Headquarters. It's called quality control. Just yesterday, I had to switch out my advent calendar "link" (this picture of a kitten pawing at a galaxy or something) for technical reasons that made it disappear, robbing you of your holiday fun. I present it here today in non-advent calendar format as a little bonus for your enjoyment and edification, via