Monday, December 29, 2008

Through the Rollers

Yesterday's Polaroid article spurred the "blog's" Polaroidologist "El" to send this "link" to a "web" site about the work of Jamie Livingston, who took one Polaroid a day for nearly two decades of his life. (Here is another interesting way to view some of the pictures.) "El" tells us that the filmmaker Tarkovsky (one of "Blog" Buddy Lynn Shelton's "faves") carried a Polaroid camera wherever he went. Writes "El," "I actually find the SX-70 to be the most convenient camera ever, and each little shot of Time-Zero contains a concentrated pack of poetry to be released when it goes through the rollers." "El" is a member of "Save Polaroid." "El" calls them "Polas." She doesn't like it when people call them "'roids." A schism in the Polaroid community? (Pictured, a Polaroid by Tarkovsky of his mother. Find his Polaroid work in a book called INSTANT LIGHT.)