Thursday, December 25, 2008

The "Blog" Advent Calendar for Dec. 25, 2008

Here it is! "Click" here for last year's full and satisfying explanation of this culmination of your "blog" advent calendar fun. Our story so far: 1) Aboriginal art made, I think, from a hollow log. 2) Home page of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. 3) A fellow playing "High Hopes" on his organ. 4) A performance of the song "Millionaire" by the Mekons. 5) Unicorns in space. 6) Your handy catalog of folk dance instructions. 7) A guy practicing his Saint Saens. 8) Every cover ever of the comic book HERBIE. 9) More Saint Saens for some reason, this time on theremin. 10) The old TV show LAND OF THE GIANTS - in bubble gum card form, that is! 11) Actual footage of Annie Oakley from the Edison studio. 12) "Cute cat pictures make the world a warm and fuzzy place." 13) "A camel made out of peanut butter" 14) An elaborate handout from the 13th annual Bigfoot conference. 15) A performance by Sinatra of a song by the Beatles. 16) I think this is a physics paper. 17) Squirrel holding pear. 18) A clip from the 1959 film SANTA CLAUS. 19) Elis Regina! 20) Enjoy this nice clip please of Jerry Lewis in CINDERFELLA. 21) The long poem "Julian and Maddalo by P.B. Shelley. 22) Some nice kids in the middle of singing "Sleigh Ride." 23) Robot instrumental. 24) Accordion Rossini. Now, before we commence with your final surprise of this year's calendar, may I please ask you to note that all of the preceding material is completely new to the "blog"? That's because we like to go the extra step for your pleasure. I was tempted to include a couple of things you have certainly forgotten, such as Bob Denver singing "Ho, Daddy!" as originally presented here by McNeil, or these foolproof plans for mastering time travel, first "linked" to via this "post." But I resisted! And as we bid you a fond goodbye from this year's "blog" advent calendar, we leave you with this large and final surprise.