Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Blog," Using Royal "We," Finds Reasons for Celebration, Self-Loathing in 2,000th "Post"

We are pleased that our 2,000th "post" happened to feature the singing of Sally Timms. But we are upset that we have "posted" 2,000 "posts." Isn't there something we're supposed to be doing? We can't remember. On the happy side, the dubious occasion reminded us of this illustration we found on the "internet." At around the time of our 900th "post," we pretended it showed the staff of the "blog" and this idea still gladdens us in our time of woe and funk. Furthermore, having "posted" 2,002 times, we now understand how to supply the photograph for your delight without "stealing bandwidth," so we guess we've learned something after all, yes, something barely useful and something we still don't understand - something which rouses in us no desire to understand. And now the pendulum swings back the other way. We're going to lie down in the dark.