Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Horrible Discovery in the Old Toy Shop

Barry B. was in the toy shop and came across a Mickey Mouse doll with sunglasses and a guitar. If that is not horrible enough, it sings a Kinks song but gets all the words wrong. Instead of singing "Girl, you really got me now" it sings "Hey, I'm really rockin' now," to Barry B.'s recollection and horror. Is that the way you want your children to grow up? Learning all the wrong words to Kinks songs? Then just buy them this $60 monstrosity. FULL DISCLOSURE: Jon Host and I once "wrote" a "song" that went like this: "We're rockin' now/ we're really really really really rockin' now." See also. PS: When I was looking for an image of the rockin' Mickey Mouse doll to share with you, I came across a shady toy-selling site seemingly translated poorly from another language, and I quote: "this rock star mickey is definitely on his great jam with the most fun shades, he’s ready to give his fans the greatest show ever. Now that you eventually rock with the one that goes out together... This Rock Star Mickey has finally developed when asiding with the Dance Star Mickey. At the premiere time, it’s more true that the present of the Mickey Mouse rather than merely Dance Star Mickey. The previous Mickey toy just seem like it’s too large. The fresh proportions of it looks like a lot better and that quite good for the fresh appearance."