Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today In Seahorse Reflections

From the "prelude" to that seahorse book I bought: "What is it that make seahorses so special, like miniature dragons of the sea?... What goes on during a day in the life of a seahorse?... I tinker with these questions, the questions that fascinate me and occasionally keep me awake at night..." (!) She stays up at night wondering why seahorses are like tiny dragons! Aw, I kind of love her! In a later chapter titled "Why Seahorses Matter" (!): "An adorable but greedy seahorse wins the heart of SpongeBob SquarePants in a 2002 episode of the Nickelodeon cartoon series." Ladies and gentlemen, I am about to knock your socks off. The top-billed writer of that episode was none other than "Blog" Buddy Kent Osborne! He appears by name in a seahorse book footnote, too! Truly the influence of the "blog" is everywhere, down to the bottom of the ocean, in a nature book about seahorses I bought for some reason. At the beginning of chapter 3, there is a reference to "the elusive Chinese yeti." Why not? This book has everything! (Except, perplexingly, Aquaman, as previously noted.)