Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ghost Eating Stacks of Money

Well, here is the best search term that has ever led anyone to this "blog": "ghost eating stacks of money." Ghost Eating Stacks of Money! Did somebody need to see a picture of a ghost eating stacks of money? Why? It is exciting to think about: "I need to know more about a ghost eating stacks of money!" My brain will not stop repeating that phrase. Ghost eating stacks of money! I assume and am sorry the searcher was disappointed. Is that a thing, though? A ghost eating stacks of money? Is that a thing that everybody knows about? Is there a famous ghost who eats stacks of money? "Rachel McAdams crying" turned out to be a thing, as you may recall. I'm always the last to know about Rachel McAdams crying and the ghost eating stacks of money.