Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photo Op

Got the LAFA SHOPPER in the mail yesterday! John Arrechea's column was about a family trip to Texas. "Along a 17 mile remote stretch of Road No. 39, we slowed for a large dead black wild hog. We interrupted a family of buzzards, enjoying a hot lunch. We stopped for a photo opportunity." That's going to be some vacation slide show! Shortly thereafter, Mr. Arrechea's grandson throws up in front of "15 young girls on horseback and in English habit and tack" who happen to be nearby. Ouch! Hard to think of a less opportune time for a boy to vomit. But you know I really come to the LAFA SHOPPER to hear about interesting plants (and not the boring plants!). Mr. Arrechea encounters some "agreta bushes," the likes of which he hasn't seen since the 1930s, when "a German neighbor showed my father how to make agreta wine from their red berries." See, that gives me something to research! And later I will bore you with my findings. And so the cycle of life goes on.