Saturday, September 17, 2011

When Is the Next Spice Girls Movie Coming Out?

Just last night I was regaling a dinner party with tales of my insomnia. It was like reading my "blog" except in 3D! I pray you can imagine the shudder of thrills that whisked itself around the table. In particular, I touted the comforting sights and sounds of the Gem Shopping Network as one's most pleasant friend in times of trouble. And that reminds me! A couple of weeks ago or so, when I couldn't sleep, and my favorite Gem Shopping Network personality Tracey was not on the air, I tried out a different jewelry channel. I happened to tune in just as the host was flopping her head down on the table and exclaiming, "I bore myself!" It was kind of alarming and not lulling at all. Accept no substitutes! PS Last night when I couldn't sleep I watched part of the Spice Girls movie - when is the next one coming out? - and some of a movie about Don Johnson as a hateful old sourpuss who is baby sitting a young Elijah Wood for some reason.