Monday, September 05, 2011

Extra E's, Please

There were some more owls in DAY OUT OF DAYS by Sam Shepard and I didn't even bother to tell you about them because you're probably busy. But then AFTER those owls I didn't tell you about there were even MORE OWLS! Now what am I supposed to do? "Great horned owls landing on your chest in the night, pecking at your eyes." Sam Shepard wins for the most owls. Owls in John Aubrey too, only he calls them "Owles." I love all the extra e's in John Aubrey. In fact, I feel disappointed now when I'm reading a book that doesn't have a lot of extra e's in it. Aubrey is quoting Sir Thomas Browne's VULGAR ERRORS about the Owles, something about them as omens of a losing battle, but the book is in the other room, what, you want me to get up and go in the other room? You can forget it.