Friday, September 23, 2011

Adventures in the Library

All this ghost talk made me nostalgic for the weird sections of the library, so I poked around in there the other day and found a book called MAGIC, WITCHCRAFT, AND GHOSTS IN THE GREEK AND ROMAN WORLDS. It's a collection of excerpts from "literary and documentary sources," 776 BC-476 AD. So expect some exciting public domain stories of people in togas running away from ghosts! I also stopped by the periodicals room to read THE NEW YORKER magazine, in which Gay Talese was reporting on Lady Gaga, meaning everything I predicted HAS COME TRUE. This has reached beyond repressive desublimation and into an area I just made up called desublimated petrification! Sad news from the library: the shabby coffee shop that used to be stocked with a supply of bizarre free books has been converted into a shiny Starbucks with "lite jazz" coming out of it and no free anything for anybody ever.