Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tales of the Golden Lobster

So the gossip columnist for the New York Times went to a party. There are lots of sentences like this: "Later, we wandered the mansion’s art collection and snapped photographs of him as he petted a taxidermy leopard." And "Male models working as butlers flanked the entrance." And then a male model offers the gossip columnist a tempting snack of lobster that is LITERALLY COVERED IN GOLD. Strange encounters with seafood make up a big part of her work. Here is a "link" to the whole thing if you don't believe me. But just trust me. You don't really want to read about that, do you? Maybe I do it so you don't have to! I know "gossip columnist" is not exactly the correct phrase but I have decided not to care. Speaking of fancy things, Dr. Theresa and I watched a new soap opera called REVENGE, set amongst the fancy people. There was a scandalous temptress named Lydia Davis! Ha ha ha! Yes, just like the brilliant writer and translator. Well, it seemed funny to me. Never mind.