Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Glorious Trip Around the "Internet" on the Gossamer Wings of Fancy

Hey my friend Andy bought hot dog flavored potato chips at Walmart, and not only did he take this photo of the bag, he tasted the contents thereof! "And yes, they are disgusting," he confirmed via twitter. "Click" here to enjoy the original tweet, or to follow Andy on the twitter. Let's see, what else is on the "internet"? Well, remember when McNeil sent me that guy's "blog" with all the information about malls on it? I "clicked" on a "link" on that "blog" and found ANOTHER GUY's "blog" about retail stores! And it dawned on me that there is a whole cult of people - gee, cult is probably a strong word - who love retail stores, I mean the whole IDEA of retail stores! This seems to be a safe obsession, much milder than the conspiracy theories on the part of the "internet" I have sternly forbidden you to explore. And hey, if you don't care about malls, why not check out this "blog" of Elizabethan portraits? The proprietor of the Elizabethan portrait "blog," with whom we have been in touch, feared it would be too specialized for "linking" by us, to which we reply, "Pshaw!" You want to know about specialization? HERE'S your specialization: I will probably only "blog" about the 1970s trucker drama MOVIN' ON from now on, a show I am the only one to recollect. Now that's a specialization! Why, I was in a community production of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN when I was a kid - yes I was! - and I remember that when the cast and crew of MOVIN' ON visited the Gulf Coast of Alabama to shoot some episodes, they picked another kid from the production for a speaking role! And I just looked her up on imdb and there she was! So it wasn't all just a beautiful dream, MOVIN' ON really did come to my town.