Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hey you know those "blogs" I was telling you about? There is one called "Creepy, Abandoned Chi-Chi's," and it focuses exclusively on exactly what its title implies. I admire its exactitude! Above I have "posted" an example of a photo from a "creepy, abandoned Chi-Chi's." Plenty more where that came from! Relatively. I have also learned that Johnny Carson used to have a chain of family restaurants called Here's Johnny's. And honestly I have learned so many things by going down this rabbit hole I can't even tell you all of them. "Here's Johnny's." I get it, but does that punctuation bother anyone else? Does it seem like a bad name for a restaurant because it's hard to say? "Let's go to Here's Johnny's for dinner tonight." Or has my brain caved in? Why do I assume it was a terrible restaurant? Here's Johnny's, I mean. I can sort of imagine the menu.