Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When You Think of Omaha Cuisine

However many "blogs" about abandoned malls and such I "link" to for you, there are so many more that I could "link" to but don't! So shut up and stop complaining, if you exist. Too many of these abandoned mall "blogs" have a tragic quality - the "blogs" themselves seem abandoned, as I have noted. Abandonment upon abandonment! One "blog," discontinued in 2007, is a tribute to "THE GRAND EMPORIUMS... SO SADLY NOW GONE FOREVER." But the "blogger" too seems gone forever. His entry "Shopping Bag Masterpieces!" includes a youtube video of 60 of the 600 shopping bags he has collected, but the youtube account has been ominously terminated. See, I did not "link" to that. Another "blogger" plaintively asks the immortal question, "When you think of Omaha cuisine, what comes to mind?" To her, "link" I shall! First of all, the name of her "blog" is "My Blog," which I admire for its stripped-down elegance. Plus I am completely enraptured by the long "post" in which she visits the sites of famed Omaha chicken restaurants of times gone by, and snaps photos of the Honda dealerships and such that have taken their places. That "post" includes faded old advertising materials, such as the lovely example I present here.