Friday, January 18, 2013

Let's Talk About Poop

Sorry! But it had to be. Fate decreed it, as you will soon agree. So in the Kelly Hogan article I "linked" to earlier, she discusses the fact that you CAN'T POOP ON THE BAND BUS (something she has previously discussed in my much-reviled magazine profile of Neko Case, which also found room to describe Hogan's patented method for picking up dog poop - hurry to the great archives of our nation and look it up on the microfiche!). So immediately after Hogan's article is "posted" here comes Greg Kihn on the twitter, twittering about the fact that you CAN'T POOP ON THE BAND BUS. Now I am not saying Greg Kihn plagiarized Kelly Hogan! I am just saying it was a WEIRD POOP COINCIDENCE. And now I feel at liberty to tell you I have been reading a "blog" that reviews (I almost said "assesses" ha ha ha!) men's rooms in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. I have been "sitting on" this (ha ha ha!) a long time, because it seemed so crude and improper to bring up. But now I feel it can be told. I came across it during my (ongoing) phase of reading "blogs" about malls. "While I am not a huge fan of the Olive Garden, they have decent food, and more importantly, a great bathroom," writes our host in a positive review. "Apparently, only Superman can flush this toilet," he notes in another, more in sorrow than in anger. Look, nobody is forcing you to "click" on it.