Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mickey Mouse Seems Crazy

Hey yeah so I am reading these Mickey Mouse comic strips from 1936 and Mickey Mouse comes back from a trip to discover that a house in his town is haunted. So he goes to the police station and yells at the desk sergeant: "I WANT T' KNOW WHY TH' POLICE HAVEN'T DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE GHOSTS!" He is thrusting his hand at the desk sergeant in a dramatic fashion and giant beads of sweat are flying off of Mickey Mouse's head, the way they fly off the heads of cartoon characters who are being really intense. I have to say that the ghosts haven't even done anything to anybody at this point in the story, they're just hanging out, and I also have to say why is Mickey Mouse's first instinct to get the police involved? Is this really a police matter? And also it's not even his house, man. So, I mean, you know, butt out, Mickey Mouse. Those are the things I have to say.