Saturday, January 26, 2013

Poop Vigilante

I am sorry to mention poop again so soon, but how can I resist when I see the gnomic cabaret critic Stephen Holden using the word "poop" - in its scatological sense - in today's New York Times? Naturally - naturally! - I decided to do a search of the Times to see how often the word has appeared. Over 6,000 hits! Of course, sometimes it has another meaning, such as in a review of a restaurant called the Poop Deck, which is a terrible name for a restaurant if you want my advice. (See also.) But here is a sentence from the first search result to pop up: "I was calm as Ms. Nunose explained all of this while applying the poop powder, prepared and flown in from Japan." Ms. Nunose! Applying poop powder! In the New York Times! Headlines which follow closely on the first page of New York Times search results ("sorted by relevance" - ha ha, relevance!) are "A Mystery Vigilante Paints Dog Waste" and "Poop Is Funny, But It's Fatal."