Thursday, January 03, 2013

McNeil's First Flocking

Email from McNeil: "Hey....I was catching up on the blog today and I noticed this great tidbit. You mention flocking!... I told you about how I ended up seeing the episode of Adventure Time at my sister's house Christmas Eve, right? The nephews came upstairs and roused me out of an easy chair in the bonus room. [bonus room? - ed.] Okay. Only 15 minutes earlier all the kids were up there watching TV, and I went up and fell into the chair to catch some needed shut eye. But the TV was turned all the way up. And about a minute after I got there all the kids left. And I was too lazy to get up and get the remote so I lay there with my feet up and my lithe body all curled up on the easy chair with some show called 'Victorious' on at full volume. It's a show about 11th graders who dress all cool... anyway, this was the Christmas episode, and near the end the brunette girl walks into the house where the blonde girl and the clueless sandy-haired guy are standing next to the tree AND a big machine. Brunette: (pulling off a glove) What are you two doing? Blonde: (matter of fact) Flocking. Brunette: (incredulous) I'm sorry? Guy: We're going to flock the tree. It's what you call it when you spray the tree with some scent. [? -ed.] Blonde: Okay Sandy-haired Guy, ready to flock? Guy: You bet. ... Amazing coincidence, no? That's the first time I had ever heard of flocking."