Monday, January 28, 2013

Dix Fans

I was watching a movie called LOVIN' THE LADIES on TCM today. Ha! LOVIN' THE LADIES. It's the dropped "G" that really makes it. It starred Lois Wilson (pictured) and Richard Dix. I don't get this Richard Dix. Sorry, Richard Dix fans. I was describing him to Megan Abbott in terms of Harry Langdon and she knew what I was talking about because she's Megan Abbott. "A less infantile Harry Langdon," I may have said. Richard Dix got the job done, don't get me wrong. He was the hero and all. But he just seemed so... pale to me. With a big blank face like a pie. Oh, Richard Dix! I guess everybody used to love you. It's my fault, Richard Dix!