Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goal Oriented Protagonist

You know, McNeil and I were talking a while back about how nobody talks like Dean Moriarty, at least the way Jack Kerouac portrays him in ON THE ROAD - nobody talks like the characters in ON THE ROAD. But Leslie and I were walking to campus today and we talked about dinosaurs and globes and Nietzsche and Marx and abandoned malls and I suddenly thought, Leslie talks just like Dean Moriarty, she is the only one. Later I confirmed it with Dr. Theresa, who said, of Leslie, "We were talking about dinosaurs too." Leslie came over later and leafed through a Rothko book and started explaining why Rothko was like John Coltrane and then we took her to Snackbar where she said the devil was the "goal-oriented protagonist" of THE EXORCIST. The funny thing is that I ran into Lee Durkee in the library earlier today and he, too, brought up THE EXORCIST. Scary! Anyway, at Snackbar, Leslie ate tripe. Because that's what Leslie does. That's her thing, man. Leslie! We'll miss you. Be careful going back to Iowa City, okay.