Friday, April 13, 2007

The Best For Last

Okay, I've only got one more "post" about the party in me. So, the young woman to whom I referred in my most recent "post"... would it alarm and surprise you to know that her husband owns the Brickstore Pub? Yes, the very same Brickstore Pub which dispenses Dr. "M.'s" (formerly Agent "M.") very favorite chicken salad in the city! I was introduced to this gentleman and had the extraordinary privilege of thanking him in person on behalf of Dr. "M." for his delicious chicken salad. He accepted graciously, and remarked in a most flattering manner that he believed he recognized my name. "It was a huge banner headline," he claimed. "It was in some magazine or newspaper. A huge interview." I was dumbfounded and amazed, as I spend the majority of every day "googling" myself when I am not busy "blogging," and I felt sure I would know if such a mammoth interview or profile existed. It turned out, in the end, that he was thinking of my "blog," which he had noticed because I mentioned his pub and its chicken salad. Oh, the circular nature of "blogging"! A veritable Ouroboros of sorts, wouldn't you say? Dear me! We all had a good laugh at the idea of human frailty and then we went home.