Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jonathan Rosenbaum

If there is a movie critic we love in the Pendarvis Building, I guess it is Jonathan Rosenbaum. He wrote a book about "blog" "fave" film DEAD MAN. One of his books has a blurb from "blog" "fave" Godard. Plus he writes eloquently and appreciatively, in at least one of his books that we have here, on the subject of Jerry Lewis, so dear to the "blog's" heart. Finally, he spent part of his youth in Alabama, like me! (In my case, the part of my youth I spent there went from age zero to age thirty. That's a long youth!) So we were tickled when an intern alerted us to the fact that over on the Chicago Reader "web" site, Mr. Rosenbaum has "linked" not only to our Tennessee Williams article, but to the "blog" itself. We even broke our rule and commented on Mr. Rosenbaum's "post." Once again, we immediately regretted ever commenting on "posts." We thanked Mr. Rosenbaum for "recommending" our article... but as we thought about it more deeply, we realized that perhaps it was a mild chiding, rather than a unreserved recommendation. On the other hand, the aforementioned "links" IMPLY a kind of recommendation, we believe. And what is up with us switching so freely from "we" to "I"? What's all this "we" stuff, anyway? Do we think we're the king of France? On the other hand, "we" (Theresa and I) do have a few Rosenbaum books between us, but "I" grew up in Alabama. Still, we need to get a grip on this. (Pictured, the king of France.)