Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Maybe the Chanting Homunculus

I've noticed another example of my lazy writing. I guess when any movie is sort of weird, I compare it to Bunuel. Now, I can make a strong case for the similarity between COLD TURKEY and VIRIDIANA... but I believe Bunuel was the wrong "go-to guy" for my recent reflections on THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. First of all, we don't think of the gaudy, striking colors in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR when we think of Bunuel. Really, the only POSSIBLY Bunuelish thing was the mynah bird that turned into a chanting homunculus - though even that is pushing it - and I may as well have mentioned any number of other surrealists and left poor Bunuel out of it. So I'm instituting a new rule here at the "blog": no more comparing weird stuff to Bunuel. It's lazy! Even when true, as in the first example, it's lazy. You may say that I seldom keep such promises. I know I have fallen off the wagon and used the word "great" quite a bit, though I believe I have been more successful with my ban on "professing delight," and I think that with the support of my family and friends I can stop making superfluous references to Bunuel all the time. (Pictured, Dick van Dyke, the star of COLD TURKEY.)