Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Rumors Are Flying

Well, I see that Jamie Allen has "posted" an item about me recognizing (or not recognizing) him in a coffee shop. First of all, I hope this is not an example of the kind of "tabloid blogging" that Mr. Allen plans to pursue in the future. Secondly, I was not in my usual coffee shop that day. The pollen count was high, I had risen quite late, and I did not feel like taking my longer walk to Aurora (no offense to the fine people who work at the other, closer coffee shop, but I only came to them out of pure laziness). In any case, I was sluggish and disoriented. But I did indeed recognize Mr. Allen. The interesting part of Mr. Allen's tale is that he was on the telephone during the entire incident, as any careful reader of his "item" will notice. When one is speaking on a telephone in public, one is not emitting an inviting aura that says, "Communicate with me!" One is, rather, constructing an invisible "privacy wall" which discourages friendly communication from the outside world. I hope this sets the record straight! See? This is why people hate "blogs."