Thursday, April 19, 2007

The "Internet"

I am not completely made for the "internet." But I'm giving it a good try, right? Anyway, on the "web" site where I found out about the bad news for the AJC book page, a guy came along and commented that maybe all this was the little guy's fault and we should stop and consider the sweet, tender, hurt feelings of the giant multimedia corporations of our nation and indeed the world (I'm paraphrasing). He also made the suggestion that short story writers should try writing good books and then maybe people would read them. And I thought, "Wow! That's pretty good advice. Maybe I'll give it a whirl one day!" You never know! Yet when I tried to comment back in a jaunty way, I'm afraid I ended up sounding disagreeable and perhaps incoherent. That's the problem with me and the "internet"! It is not the other commentator's responsibility, the way God made me! Anyway, I vowed on that "web" site never to comment on someone else's "blog" again. But I would like to state for the record here and now that I DO reserve the right to comment on my favorite Aquaman "blog." I love it! Still, I am not so sure about this "internet" business anymore. Do you think it will catch on?